Avio - per l'amore di famiglia
Squirt doesn't like to share her Avio wine
Our Lifestyle
Stefano shearing "Bella", one of our female Angora Goats
Avio believes in sustainable farming and employs some unique farmhands to help with the process. The workers at Avio are of many persuasions. Along with the humans, our property is shared with numerous animals, most of which are resucues. Each animal has a job to do at Avio. The cats control vineyard pests. Squirt, our Tasting Room cat/mascot, is well versed in catching varmints. Tux, who will often greet visitors on the Piazza, guards the property. Our hens lay eggs, which are used in the process of clarifying our Pinot Grigio. The donkeys, goats and sheep keep the open pasturelands cleared.

Avio supports animal rescue, and is an active participant with A-PAL Humane Society. We encourage you to consider adopting a pet from the humane society or your local animal shelter.
Avio Vineyards
14520 Ridge Road
Sutter Creek, CA 95685

Tasting Room Hours:
Friday thru Sunday
11:00-5:00, and by appointment
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